Dierks Bentley enjoys being home and spending time with his wife and kids this time of year. He says that being Evie, Jordan, and Knox’s dad brings out another side of him… He compares himself to Chevy Chase’s character in the movie, Christmas Vacation: “You know, Christmas didn’t lose any of its real meaning, as far as its religious meaning with Jesus’ birthday. But as far as like the whole tree and all of the Christmas spirit stuff, the secular stuff, it just kind of goes away to be honest. But then you have a family, and all of a sudden, it’s like I’m all Clark Griswold out there decorating the tree, putting lights up around the house, you know. So, all of those things that you did as a kid and appreciated as a kid, you get a chance to do over again when you have kids, because you kinda become one again.” :29 (OC: become one again)

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