Dustin Lynch has a new single headed to country radio called “Ridin’ Roads.” He co-wrote the song for his next project, and he told Billboard he got the idea for it by watching a series of videos his friend posted to social media while having “a rager in his farm truck."

He said, “It’s a song that makes so much sense for me. Writing with intention of what you know. (‘Ridin’ Roads’ is) right down the lane of what this ‘Small Town Boy’ character says and does. This song fits that guy . . . I love the message of the song. It goes back to ‘Small Town Boy’ and reminds me of that guy in Tullahoma, Tennessee, that I was and still wish I was to an extent — being able to go back home and enjoy country roads and ride around with friends.”

“Ridin’ Roads” is featured on his Dustin's new EP, also called Ridin’ Roads, which sees release today (Friday, March 8th). His fourth studio album is due out later this year.

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