Eli Young Band are the new faces of Ford Music’s latest campaign, which kicked off on Friday (Nov. 1st). The Texas campaign, which partners the North Texas and Greater Texas Ford dealers, features the group's new single “Break It In” alongside the Ford 2019 F-150 High Trim.

Frontman Mike Eli said, “Growing up, my dad always owned Fords– so they were a staple in our household. He drove a Ford truck for as long as I can remember, and naturally, it was my first truck also. When I was in high school, my dad handed down his Ford Ranger Splash to me, which they only came in purple and yellow. I was lucky enough to get the purple one!”

The campaign continues to run for two months across 12 key markets in Texas with promotional content showcasing “Break It In” across a mix of media channels, including streaming audio and video, radio, and social media.

Eli Young Band is currently serving as direct support on Chris Young‘s Raised On Country World Tour. Group member Chris Thompson tells us the two acts have a lot in common. “Chris, he kinda feels like he’s cut from the same cloth that we are, too. He's all about just kind of put his head down and working hard and all that kinda stuff, It’s kinda the same thing we’re about. So just like, personality wise, it feels like a really good mix. Sometimes you work with artists and you’re like, ‘Wow we really are on different planets,’ you know, but Chris really just . . . it’s a natural fit.”

The Raised On Country World Tour rolls on to Cedar Park, TX on Thursday (Nov. 7th).

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