A limited-edition special re-issue of George Strait's 1995 Strait Out of the Box: Part 1 boxed set will be available exclusively at Walmart starting September 13th. The 72-track collection takes a trip through Strait’s early recording career, specifically 1981 to 1995, and features 31 No. 1 singles such as “You Look So Good in Love,” “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” and “Check Yes or No.”

Strait is a master at picking hit songs, as his career demonstrates, but he admits there is no real art to finding the right songs–they just have to come to you. He tells us: ["You go through so many songs when you're trying to find the right one to put on an album, and so many of them you pass on, but there's a lot of them too that just really jump out and catch your interest. It's hard to describe exactly what it is. I wish I knew. You just have to hear it."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC… to hear it.)

In addition to the physical boxed set, a revamped Strait Out of the Box: Part 1 & 2 playlist is available to stream, and fans can watch Strait’s full collection of music videos, newly remastered in HD.

Strait released his career 30th album, Honky Tonk Time Machine, in March. 

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