Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, are very close to welcoming their new baby girl, who they've already named Navy Rome. Of course, they're already parents to one-year-old son Memphis, and as Jason tells us, Brittany is trying to get him ready to meet his little sister in an interesting way. ["Well, this is kind of weird! My wife had one of my daughter's baby dolls and she was like letting him play with it trying to get him like be easy, so I walk in, I don't really know what's going on. I'm like, 'Hold up. Time out.' Seeing my son playing with a baby doll was kind of odd. I didn't know what was happening. Like shouldn't he have a truck or something, but I guess she's kind of getting him prepared I guess to maybe like play with the baby, like that's his sister. I don't know. Apparently that's a thing, but he's got two older sisters and they're like his favorite people in the world so everytime they come around he lights up and just wants to hang out with them all the time. Any little kids that are around, he's always wanting to go up and hug them and stuff, so I mean, I think he's gonna do great."] SOUNDCUE (:44 OC: . . . gonna do great.)

There's no word on Navy's due date but earlier this week Jason told us that his wife is "ready to pop any second." The Aldean family is currently packing to move out of their current home and in the process of building a new house outside of Nashville.

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