Kane Brown released his sophomore album on Friday. It became Apple’s biggest 1st day streamer for a country album – ever – in the USA. Kane tells us about one of the statement songs on the album: ‘American Bad Dream’ we wanted like at least one super real song that wasn’t about a relationship or anything. There’s so much going on right now that I didn’t feel a lot of artists was singing about it. So, it was very nerve wrecking for us because we were like we don’t wanna come off wrong. We need to have a strong turn around so when people listen to it, they actually understand it. The first couple of sentences really get your ear, ‘cause you’re like…what is this dude about to say?’ But then in the chorus it’s like ‘just wake me up from this American bad dream.’ Like what is going on? Because before… I don’t know if I just have a horrible memory, but before there was not all this stuff going on. Or it wasn’t broadcasted as much. So, not a lot of people heard it. But now it’s like you see it every day. You’re hearing something new that’s going on in the world. Instead of getting on, you know, one side over here or one side over there it’s kind of like we just want to meet in the middle and make everybody realize that we just need to wake the hell up.

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