Kip Moore released his recent Room to Spare: The Acoustic Sessions in November, and it was driven by a promise to fans to share an acoustic EP. Kip co-wrote five of the seven tracks in the collection, including an acoustic versio of “Plead the Fifth.”

Despite the fact that Kip is still climbing the charts with his Top Five hit, "Last Shot," from his Slowheart album, he tells us it was the right to release this project. [“If I’m being honest, I could see how long this single was gonna be on the charts. I could see it happening, and we’d been playing the Slowheart record for the last year and a few months to so many people that I knew in the Spring and the Summer we were going to be touring again and we weren’t gonna have a new record. So, it was more about they’d been asking for this acoustic thing and now’s the time ‘cause we’ve got to give them something to tide them over until I put out a full new project. And then it gives us a chance to go play – we’d already been planning this acoustic tour – and it was gonna give us a chance to go play new songs acoustically for these fans. So, and a lot of ‘em are old songs that the fans have been asking for, so I just felt like it was time.”] SOUNDCUE (:46 OC: . . . it was time.)

Kip will launch the 2019 leg of his Room to Spare: Acoustic Tour on March 7th in Chicago.

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