Maren Morris' latest single, "Girl," was written about a year ago and proved to be the positive message Maren needed to remind herself of while working on her sophomore album, also called Girl, which is due out on Friday (March 8th). She tells us that writing the new project brought mixed emotions. ["It was a really fun but also troubling time because I was touring a lot, I was getting to go to a lot of new places for the first time, but I was also getting really caught up in my head about, like, 'Am I doing enough? Am I creating enough of a buzz,' or 'Is this record gonna be good enough or as good as the first one?' — you know, a lot of things that you deal with I think when you're making a second record cause there's so many more eyes on it than there were the first time."] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . the first time.)

Maren will kick off release day with a performance on NBC's Today show.

Her headlining Girl: The World Tour kicks off on Saturday (March 9th) in Chicago.

The album's title track sits in the Top 30 on the country charts.

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