Maren Morris loves the relationship she has with fans thanks to social media, but she admits it's a double-edged sword. Maren tells us that even she sometimes has to take a break from the fantasy world of Instagram and the like because of the negative impact it has on her, which she speaks to in her latest single, “Girl.” “Yeah, I mean Instagram, Twitter, that's all . . . it's the highlight reel. I mean, just every good thing that ever happened to you is just shoved in people's faces. I mean, I've had times where I just have to like log off and not pay such close attention because when it starts to affect the way that I act to the people I love or even the songs I write it's a problem, but, yeah, the song definitely addresses this sort of social media monster Insta culture that we all live in the fishbowl of.”

Maren releases a new song called “The Bones” today (Friday, February 22nd) for those who pre-order her new album, Girl, which will be released on March 8th, which is International Women’s Day.

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