Mark Wystrach, the lead singer of Midland, has an unmistakable voice, but says he occasionally hits a bad note in their hit song ‘Burn Out’ and the rest of the band lets him know about it. Mark, Jess Carson, and Cameron Duddy told us this: “In ‘Burn Out,’ there is a note that I have to hit at the end of that song. Yeah, if we’re playing like eight shows in a week and, you know, we’ve had a couple of big nights… yeah, sometimes you know the vocal chords can get a little tired and it feels good to hit it. You know as a singer I take a lot pride in having a range and ‘being able to nail it live. Jess Carson – “He doesn’t falsetto it, so, he has full voice.” Mark – “In Oklahoma, our sound guy, who’s also our tour manager, old Chief TSB, (fell on the ground laughing) he lost his… He couldn’t keep it together. It was hysterical man. I just looked at him and I started laughing, then everybody started laughing.” Cameron Duddy – “He fell on the board laughing.” Mark – “Look, it’s gonna happen, man. I mean it’s going to happen sometimes. We’re not machines.”

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