Miranda Lambert's NYPD officer husband is no longer wearing a badge. The New York Post reports that Brendan McLoughlin has taken a leave of absence from the force. Following the couple's surprise wedding earlier this year, the NYPD reassigned Brendan from foot patrol to driving around the department's top brass. There is no word on if or when Brendan might be returning to the force.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor and retired NYPD sergeant Joseph Giacalone told The Post, “It might be in his (Brendan's) best interest to use the accrued time then ride off into the sunset. As soon as someone knows you’re married to a celebrity, they’re going to be looking to sue you.”

In the meantime, Brendan is helping to promote Miranda's new single, "It All Comes Out In The Wash." She recently posted an Instagram video of her shirtless husband doing laundry writing, “House husband shirtless promo vol. 1 #NYPD #ihadto #hotcop."

Miranda purchased a $2 million apartment in NYC, where the couple has been spending time when not in Nashville.

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