Just days before the release of his debut album, Telling All My Secrets, Mitchell Tenpenny has scored his very first Number One hit with “Drunk Me.” The song claims the top spot on this week’s Mediabase/Country Airplay chart.

Mitchell said, “I recorded 'Drunk Me' after pitching it to other artists in town for over six months. I believed in my heart it was such a special song and that it would be a hit for someone. I never dreamt it would be the song labels first heard from me, resulting in a record deal . . . or that it would go on to bring us our first single, yet alone a number one. It's been a two-year journey with this song, yet so many believed, and so, this is one of those moments we all share together – my co-writers, our band and record label, country radio and all the fans that have streamed it over 120 million times. I can't get over you. You've changed my life.”

It seems like having a Number One hit out of the gate would take some of the pressure of releasing his debut album off just a little bit, but Mitchell tells us that for him it's exactly the opposite. “I think for me it adds pressure, just the type of person I am. It's 'what am I gonna do next,' and that's why I'm living in the moment and trying to take everything in but at the same time now I want the next one to be better. I want to continue to climb up. I never want to settle. I'm very grateful for this opportunity, but I made everybody a promise when they gave me a chance that it ain't gonna just be that one, and that's my goal. I put a lot of pressure and weight for that, and so it's finding the balance now of having your inner victories and then continuing to put your head down and go to work, and I'm still learning that because right now this is every dream I've ever had and it's coming true, but at the same time I just want to work. I want to keep this going. I want to sustain this for a long time so I'm finding out that balance right now, figuring it out.” .

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