The idea for Mitchell Tenpenny's new single, "Alcohol You Later," came compliments of a fellow bar-goer one night while Mitchell was out having a few drinks with friends. He tells us: ["I wrote 'Alcohol You Later' with two of my best friends, and I was sitting at Loser's Bar in Nashville and as a songwriter you're always listening to people talk and this really Southern fellow as finishing his beer and telling his buddy goodbye and he just set his beer down and I'll never forget, he just goes, 'Alright, buddy, I'll call ya later and I heard 'alcohol you later' and I wrote it down in my phone and two days later I brought it to the room that day. I said, 'I have this idea,' and they were kind enough to go with me on it and we wrote 'Alcohol You Later' in about two hours about getting a little too tipsy at the bar and calling an ex. You know, we all just kind of went there. We've all been through that experience, and it ended up coming out pretty quick."] SOUNDCUE (:37 OC: . . . out pretty quick.)

"Alcohol You Later" is the second single from Mitchell's debut album, Telling All My Secrets, which has already produced the chart-topping hit "Drunk Me."

Mitchell takes the stage at Luke Bryan's Crash My Playa event in Riviera Maya, Mexico on Friday (January 25th) and Saturday (January 26th).

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