Old Dominion has unveiled a new track called “One Man Band.” It will be included on the group's upcoming third studio album along with their latest hit, "Make It Sweet."

Old Dominion frontman Matthew Ramsey said of the song, “‘One Man Band’ is the first true ‘love song’ we’ve ever released.  One of the things we talk about the most in this band is how we can’t imagine being on this crazy ride alone. We have each other to celebrate the highs and get through the challenges with. It’s one of the best parts of being a BAND. Sure, you can make music alone. But if you find people you have a chemistry with a whole new world opens up.  I think it’s the same with life and love. You can go it alone. But sometimes there is another person out there that adds something to your ‘music’ that you would have never had on your own. That’s the show you want to take on the road. That’s what this song is about.”

Old Dominion is Spotify’s Hot Country Playlist Cover Story for their Hot Country Playlist with special performance videos for their singles “Make It Sweet” and “Written in the Sand.”

The group recently announced the expansion of their Make It Sweet Tour with additional dates through the Spring.

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