Old Dominion bandmembers are looking forward to the new year, for more than one reason. They’ll kick it off with 2 shows in Hawaii. January 3 in Kahului and January 5 in Honolulu. Other than that, their schedule shows open dates that week, so we asked them… Where will you be on New Year’s Eve? Brad, Geoff, and Matthew told us this: Brad: We’re going to be in Hawaii. Geoff: This is our first New Year’s on the road together I feel like maybe ever? Matthew: Ever. We have somehow managed to never play a show on New Year’s Eve. Brad: Which we’re still not doing. Matthew: Which we’re still not doing, but we are playing a show on the third or fourth in Hawaii. So, we will all be in the tropics. :18 (OC: all be in the tropics)

Old Dominion On Shows With Miranda Lambert In 2020 :

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