If you listen to the lyrics of Rascal Flatts’ “Back to Life,” you know they’re singing about little things that are important in a relationship. They say it’s the same in their real-life relationships with their wives. Gary, Joe Don, and Jay told us this: “That’s one of the things that Tara does that I love so much. She’s got her same routine and her coffee and how she does it and what she puts in there with her cinnamon vanilla and then the French vanilla on top. Yeah, it’s just cute. I love that about her.” Joe Don Rooney – “Yeah, and Tiff takes two sips of her coffee and she’s done for the day with coffee. Like, hold on a second. Did you just need, like—is it the heat you needed? A little bit of that or what? It’s, like, bizarre. You couldn’t get enough caffeine at all to wake you up.” Jay DeMarcus – “What I adore is that no matter what the weather is outside, she is in long-sleeved pajamas and wrapped up in 14 blankets because she’s always cold.”

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