Gary, Joe Don, and Jay of Rascal Flatts are glad to be spending New Year’s Eve off the stage. In their early days of touring, it used to be a big night out, but now they just want to be home with their families. Gary and Jay explain: “We want to be home on the holidays. I don’t think there’s anything more important than spending it with your family and being in a position where we can do that has always been important to us. And it’s just awesome kick off the new year with your kids and all your family. I know the last few years my mom and my brother were all there and it’s a blast.” Jay DeMarcus – “I’d just like to add it depends on how many zeros are at the end of that number. Gary – (sings) “Money, money, money, money!” Jay – “I mean, we can be bought.” :24 (OC: we can be bought)

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