Newcomer Riley Green realized a dream come true on Tuesday (December 11th) when he made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Of course, his set included a performance of his Top 20-and-climbing single “There Was This Girl.” He told, “I think my first performance at The Opry is going to be a very special moment for me. You don’t get many firsts like that in your life . . . My grandparents will finally think I’m famous now.”

Traditional country music influences can be heard in Riley's music, thanks to his late grandfather, but he tells us he grew up listening to a wide range of genres. [“I’ll listen to all different kinds of music.  My older sister, she being 10 years older me, you know, I remember riding to school with her and she had a Sunfire and it had either Sublime or Weezer, right there in that era. And I mean, I loved that stuff.  I just enjoyed music. I don’t know where that really came from.  My sister Lindy was a really good singer. The traditional country came from my Granddaddy Buford. That’s the kind of music he liked.  And he had an old guitar and me and him would get around each other, if we weren’t out piddling around at the farm or something like that, we were sittin’ down and he’d try to get me to play something.  And he would sing along with me and I had to play something he knew and that’s what he knew. That old country music like that is just, you know, the songs are simple.  There was just three chords but you know, they said everything they needed to say.”] SOUNDCUE (:49 OC: . . . needed to say.)

Riley will wrap up his headlining Outlaws Like Us tour on December 22nd in Rome, GA.

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