Riley Green was making and releasing music long before he signed his record deal, so now to finally have his first Top 15 song with his debut single, “There Was This Girl,” is thrilled to say the least. He tells us that his career feels like it's in full swing: [“Havin’ played music for as long as I have and I think I kind of skipped out on the working towards a record deal in the first several years because I didn’t really think I’d ever sign one. So now having signed my record deal, and then to have a Top 15 song on the radio within a year of that time, it’s one of those things where it felt like it took forever to get here, but then now that it’s kind of getting here, it’s all happening really fast. It’s a really rewarding feeling though to have written a song and see it move up the charts. Every day is exciting to wake up and see where it’s at.”] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . where it's at.)

“There Was This Girl” is available on Riley’s EP, In A Truck Somewhere. He’s planning to release his first full-length studio album later this year.

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