Thomas Rhett‘s family loves any holiday, but Christmas is definitely their favorite. His wife, Lauren, and two young daughters are more than ready for Santa to come, having decorated every corner of their home and enjoying their family traditions.

Thomas tells us that he and Lauren have incorporated some of their own traditions growing up along with a few new ones they've created together as a family. “I think a lot of them are gonna be stemmed on traditions that we grew up having, like, whether it’s opening one gift on Christmas Eve or always getting new ornaments for the Christmas tree or making sure the Christmas tree is always real is something that Lauren is dead set on. And I wish we could get a fake one but you know, we’re gonna get a real one for forever probably. But, you know, we’ve kind of come up with our own, just like we always watch The Santa Clause at least a thousand times before Christmas actually gets there, and we still kind of celebrate Christmas five or six days after Christmas, as well, because we’re not ready for it to end. And we always decorate our house and we love Christmas. It’s our favorite time of the year, and as our kids get older, hopefully they can help us make some new traditions.”

Thomas is on the verge of having his latest chart-topping hit with “Remember You Young.”

Thomas Rhett On Christmas Traditions :

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