Tim McGraw has released the lyric video for “Thought About You,” his first new solo music in over two years which was released in October. The clip brings the song to life by showcasing stories of love and friendship through a series of photographs, reminiscing on loved ones from the past and present who impact our lives.

Tim said, "The cool thing about 'Thought About You' is that it brings something, or someone, different to mind for everyone who hears it. It might be a loved one you saw yesterday, an old friend you haven’t spoken to in years or someone you know you’ll never see again. For the lyric video, we worked with art director JP Robinson who helped us find stories of friendship, love and loss that we could follow over time. There are some really special stories in those photos."

"Thought About You" and Tim's current single, "Neon Church," were released ahead of his upcoming solo album set for release this year.

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