The single "Thought About You" hits Tim McGraw the same way it probably hits you. For him, it's a long trip down memory lane beginning with his childhood days. Tim tells us: ["It just makes me think about where I grew up and the small town I grew up in, and also it sort of makes you put together this sort of bibliography of your life and the sort of photo album of your life in your mind and it also sort of leaves it open to where you're gonna go in the future, so I think there's a bit of remembrance in it but there's also a bit of foresight in it as well, and those songs are hard to find when they can strike you emotionally that way. And another thing about this song is it's really hard-charging when it gets to the choruses. It's just really anthemic and sounds like a big uptempo song live, but to have a lyric that's so poignant with an uptempo song is pretty rare to find."] SOUNDCUE (:44 OC: . . . rare to find.)

"Thought About You" is the second single from Tim's upcoming studio album, scheduled for release later this year.

Tim recently opened a new boutique gym in Nashville called TRUMAV. He partnered with Snap Fitness to develop the TRUMAV Fitness club franchise.

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