Tyler Rich is living his country music dream these days, with his debut single, “The Difference,” in the Top 25 on the charts and climbing, but it was a long road to getting here. Like most artists, Tyler's musical repertoire includes various stints with bands along the way, but one of those band gigs netted him an unforgettable gift. He tells us: [“At one point one of my bands was going to go on a winter Midwest tour, cause at some point we felt like that was the idea in a van and a trailer.  And we went and played this corporate show for Red Robin and I believe it was the vice president or the president of the West Coast, they had come up and like, ‘Hey, we love what you’re doing.  Thanks for playing our event.’  And they basically bought us the best all-weather tires that you can buy for our van and our trailer because we were gonna be going through ice and the winter, the Midwest. And they gave us a gift card that was unlimited. So anytime we found a Red Robin on the road all six/seven of us could eat for free. So sometimes we’d drive 20, 30 miles out of the way just to go eat at a Red Robin because we were broke, poor musicians on the road. So I cannot say enough good things about that company.”] SOUNDCUE (:39 OC: . . . about that company.)

Tyler continues on the road, playing in Miami, FL on Saturday (January 26th).

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