If you have a question about a Thomas Rhett or his wife Lauren, it’s usually easy to find the answer. From the beginning, the couple has shared aspects of their personal life through his songs and through social media. When asked if he ever considered making his life more private, Thomas told us this: “I feel like we have that conversation once a month. But I do feel like since the beginning of our relationship we have been pretty open books. And I think that’s why we relate so well with our fans because even when our fans come to meet-and-greet, like parents come through my meet-and-greet all the time and can relate to raising a three and a one-year-old or all that kind of stuff. And it is really cool to portray your life to the people that are consuming your music because I do think it makes them relate to you on a way deeper level than just them not knowing anything about you and you dropping a song like “Life Changes,” it wouldn’t make any sense.”

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